Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan Chalk paint collection comes in 42 different colours, making it the perfect paint to start upcycling furniture projects with. These paints are made with high-quality ingredients that produce long-lasting, vibrant and bold colours. They may also help you turn something you don't like in your room into something you love. Browse our web and discover the complete Annie Sloan Chalk Paint collection and tools.

88 products

88 products

Annie Sloan FAQ

Annie Sloan is best known for their Chalk Paint, revolutionizing the way customers can DIY their own homes and spaces. Chalk Paint is a water-based formula that usually does not require any prep. This paint has a luxurious velvety matt finish.

The Wall Paint finish offers clients a durable, wipeable, highly pigmented paint in a water-based formulation. This formula is breathable with low VOCs, ideal for low-traffic spaces.

Satin Paint provides a long-lasting, mid-sheen finish and is formulated with a self-levelling property for the perfect application. Due to its durability, Satin finish is ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens.

Chalk Paint is best for: furniture, indoor, exteriors and upcycling.
(Furniture, Floors, Wood, Glass, Metal, and Plastic)

Wall Paint is best for: interiors.
(Interior walls)

Satin Paint is best for: interiors, furniture, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Interior wood furniture, Metal, Trims, Bannisters, Radiators, Windowsills, Skirting, and Millwork)

All Annie Sloan paints are formulated with a water-based formula, containing low levels of VOC. Additionally, their manufacture site has pledged to produce Annie Sloan products while reducing energy consumptions, sourcing top quality materials and recycling as much as the manufacturing process will allow.