Zoffany Paint

Zoffany paints are renowned for their exceptional quality and luxurious finishes, positioning them as a top choice for those seeking premium paint options. The cost of Zoffany paints reflects the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence in both formulation and colour palette.

The pricing is influenced by various factors, including the type of paint, finish, and colour selection. Zoffany provides a diverse range of paint types, such as emulsions, eggshells, and glosses, each meticulously tailored to specific surfaces and desired effects. The emphasis on quality pigments and durable formulations contributes to a long-lasting and sophisticated aesthetic.

You can choose from a wide spectrum of colours offered by Zoffany, ranging from timeless neutrals to bold, contemporary shades. This extensive colour palette ensures that Zoffany caters to various design preferences, complementing diverse interior styles.

While Zoffany paints are positioned in the higher price range, the investment is justified by the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and longevity. The superior coverage, depth of colour, and durability contribute to a lasting and high-quality finish, making Zoffany paints a premium choice for those who prioritize both style and substance in their interior design projects.

156 products

156 products

Need help picking a Zoffany colour? You can order a free paint chart to help you make the right choice.

Zoffany Paint FAQ

1. What is the Zoffany Difference?

Made in the UK, Zoffany high quality durable paints offer clients 156 bold and highly saturated colours with a range of palettes for all styles from contemporary to traditional.

Their most popular True Matt Emulsion is a water-based emulsion that is a wipeable, environmentally friendly luxury paint that offers a beautiful matt finish. This paint has a fantastic scrub resistance quality and offers a minimal-sheen, chalky finish.

Zoffany’s Elite Emulsion is tougher than conventional paints, making it uniquely durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and perfect for high traffic areas such as kitchens and children’s bedrooms. This paint dries to a gorgeous low-sheen finish.

The Acrylic Eggshell is a premium quality quick drying, water-based paint with a low-sheen finish, which produces a smooth and washable surface that is extremely durable and non-yellowing.

2. Which Zoffany paint has the right finish for the job?

True Matt Emulsion is best for: interiors. (Interior walls and Ceilings)

Elite Emulsion is best for: interiors, wood, furniture, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Ceilings and suitably primed Woodwork, Metal and Radiators)

Acrylic Eggshell is best for: interiors, exterior woodwork, upcycling.
(Interior walls, Ceilings, Wood, Metal, Plaster, Wallboards, Concrete, Cement Rendering, Brickwork and Blockwork in internal situations)

3. Are Zoffany paints safe to use?

Zoffany water-based paints are eco-friendly, with the industry’s lowest eco-ratings, reducing the company’s contribution to pollution. These high-quality paints are odourless and contain virtually no VOCs.

The oil-based paints have been reformulated using sustainable vegetable oils, reducing VOC content and strong odour.

4. How much does Zoffany Paint cost?

Zoffany paints are priced with discerning craftsmanship and quality in mind. The cost reflects a commitment to premium materials, durability, and a wide spectrum of exquisite colors. When you choose Zoffany, you invest in more than just paint; you invest in a transformative experience that brings enduring beauty, sophistication, and style to your living space.

5. What do Zoffany paints do for a room?

Transform your space into a masterpiece with the timeless allure of Zoffany paints. These versatile hues breathe life into rooms, embodying sophistication and style. Opt for Zoffany paints to create a personalized canvas that adapts to your evolving tastes, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and modernity. Choose Zoffany for a room that resonates with enduring beauty.

6. How do you best pair zoffany paints?

Create the perfect environment by pairing Zoffany paints thoughtfully. Harmonize contrasting shades for balance, combining vibrant hues with neutral tones for visual interest. Consider the room's purpose; muted tones for calmness, bold hues for energy. Test colors in different lighting to ensure compatibility. Personalize your space by layering textures and coordinating furnishings, achieving a seamless and stylish aesthetic.