Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin paints create the style! With its fabulous collection composed of 114 water-based colours inspired by worldly travels. It is super durable and requires fewer costs. Therefore, you need a third less paint. This collection comes in four finishes being useful for every painting need. 

A Journey Through Colour by Andrew Martin

The Andrew Martin paint collection is a story of global travel and the rich borderless design that it inspires; a journey through colour. Revolutionary in its formula, the Andrew Martin paint collection is water-based, eco-friendly and super durable. This means that you need fewer coats and that you will need to decorate less often. It is also quick drying, so you can paint your bedroom in the morning and sleep in it in the evening. In fact, It uses the finest quality ingredients to create a rich palette of colours available in four finishes. Its purpose is to suit diverse surfaces and even the most demanding of modern home applications. As a result of being a 100% acrylic, water-based product can be cleaned using water alone.

Order your Andrew Martin colour card online, and discover its incredible paint range. We will deliver it straight to your door.


As mentioned Andrew martin paints collection contains four finishes. Offering you the possibility of can have every job covered and an amazing drying time of under an hour. What is more, no undercoat is required when using any Andrew Martin paint finish on any previously painted surface. This means one product is all you need and therefore saves labour and product costs.


Matt Finish Paint by Andrew Martin has a flat, chalky finish, perfect for interior ceilings, walls, and other surfaces. Ideal in low to moderate use areas where an intense matt appearance is desired. Also, It can be used as a primer for bare wood and a mist coat for sealing new plaster, plasterboard and jointing compound. 


The satin finish is an incredibly tough interior and exterior paint for walls and woodwork, with a lustrous, velvety finish. By using it, surfaces are easily washed and have high scrub and mould growth resistance. The reason why this finish is ideal for use in wet, high use areas and where maintaining hygiene is important. 


Low Sheen is a durable finish, ideal for all internal walls, surfaces and trims. For use in moderate to high traffic areas, or where moisture can be a problem and a flat, low reflective finish is desired. Marks and scuffs can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.


Gloss is an ultra-tough, light-reflecting paint with the ease of handling and convenience of pure acrylic, water-based paint. Surfaces are washable and have high scrub and mould growth resistance making it the perfect gloss paint for all internal and external surfaces. As well as high traffic areas and those where high levels of moisture and grease are a challenge. Unlike traditional oil-based gloss paints, this product will not fade and no undercoat is required on previously painted surfaces.

If you would like some help choosing colour schemes. do please call or email us- our colour expert is on hand to help you!