Designers Guild

Designers Guild paints collection contains 184 beautiful shades made using high-quality ingredients. This palette is composed from vibrant to neutral tones for timeless, sophisticated spaces. All colours are available in 4 finishes offering you the right option to fit your project. Full Designers Guild paint range available to order at Luxury Paints.

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What is the best Designers Guild paint emulsion?

If you are wondering which finish or paint colour to choose for your decorating project. Here we will explain some of them to giving you a better idea of what is the best paint for you. Nevertheless, all Designers Guild paints account for exceptional coverage, also they are super quick drying and eco-friendly. 

However, before starting is important to mention that the Designers Guild paint range has two collections. The main collection includes 156 tones designed to work with any interior scheme.  On the other hand, the Earth Tones Collection is a beautifully curated range of colours inspired by the nature that surrounds us and mixed with the finest quality interior and exterior paints by Designers Guild. A glorious combination of 28 timeless shades from subtle neutrals to dramatic terracottas. Designers Guild Earth Tones Collection offers a multitude of moods – these tones are the colour of nature, of growth and vitality. 

Designers Guild Finishes

In terms of finishes, some will be easy to clean, while others will help you hiding every imperfection on your wall. The Designers Guild paints are Available in four finishes, Perfect Matt Emulsion, Perfect Eggshell (water-based), Perfect Masonry & Perfect Floor Paint. Designers Guild Perfect Matt is what we describe as a "super paint" developed by Britain's oldest paint manufacturers Mylands of London for Designers Guild. It has an extremely low sheen level of just 2% but is extremely durable and stands up to repeated wiping. The perfect Eggshell is a durable, non-yellowing, water-based eggshell, offering a flawlessly smooth finish. The perfect Masonry paint is a  hardwearing, weatherproof masonry paint ideal for use outdoors. Finally, the perfect floor paint is a self-priming and hard-wearing mid-sheen eggshell finish wooden floor paint.

There is so much choice in colour and finish when it comes to paint that it can be very difficult to even know where to start. For all that is important to take the right decision in what finish to use, and the most effective for every surface. As we understand how daunting choosing the right paint colour can be. Therefore, we stock samples pots in ALL colours and orders can be sent directly to you. In addition, we advise you to test different shades first before you invest in larger quantities. No problem if it takes you a little longer to make your mind up as well you can order a colour card to peruse at your leisure!

Call or email us to get some inspiration, we will always be here ready to give any advice, if and when you need it.