Graham & Brown

Graham and brown paints collection have been developed for experts and designers. They feature more than 380 shades in a variety of finishes including emulsion, gloss, eggshell, and undercoat making this luxury paint brand adaptable for any project.

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What type of Graham & Brown finish should I use?

Whether you would like to know what is the correct finish you should use in your project or you want to try something different. We have created a  guide to help you in your paint selection. Nevertheless, is important to highlight all Graham and brown finishes are made with the highest quality guaranteeing exceptional coverage and durability.

Matt Emulsion

The matt emulsion paint is perfect for interior walls and ceilings. It comes in a wide range of shades. So you can find something according to your style. Its properties make the matt finish suitable for any room, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Furthermore, Graham and Brown has a resistance durable matt emulsion paint. This paint is specially formulated to protect walls against spills and scuffs while maintaining a luxurious look. In addition to this is water based and it keeps its matt finish even after cleaning. This makes it perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and other busy areas of the home.


This finish is a tough yet luxurious mid-sheen finish. It has less of a sheen than others and is perfect for interior woodwork and metal giving an elegant appearance. The eggshell finish comes for exterior or interior use, both are water-based, quick drying, flexible and durable. Additionally, It is weather resistant then you can be sure that your shade will remain for as long as possible. Therefore, Graham and Brown interior eggshell is ideal to use if you want to feature walls. Meanwhile, Graham and Brown exterior eggshell finish is perfect for use on exterior pre-treated wood (excluding fences), primed metal, and primed plastic (including uPVC).

Gloss Paint

This paint has been specially created for use on interior wood and metal. By using it you can create a bright space with a welcoming glow and revive tired spaces. Perfect for any room in the house, these gloss paints will give your woodwork or furniture a smooth sheen. They are available in a variety of colours, from red to green and everything between.

Primer and Undercoat

This paint provides a perfect base layer for interior surfaces. It ensures better adhesion and increasing paint durability. Use It follow with one of the gloss, eggshell, or matt Graham and Brown paints for a vibrant finish. They are available in a massive range of shades so you can find the perfect match for your topcoat.


These metallic paints can help if you are looking to create into your room a glamorous glow and change it from a traditional to modern effect. Suitable for interior use adding a high shine luxury appearance to any space. They are available in a range of shades from vivid to soft. Also, this metallic paint adds a futuristic element to walls and furniture.

At Luxury Paints we always recommend trying first a sample pot to make sure you choose the right colour. All Graham and Brown sample pots come in Matt emulsion Finish.

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