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Graham and brown paints collection have been developed for experts and designers. They provide over 380 colours in a range of finishes such as emulsion, gloss, eggshell, and undercoat, making this premium paint brand suitable for any job. Graham & Brown has encouraged people to think differently about their walls for almost seventy years through constant innovation, creativity, and workmanship. Discover this collection below.

392 products

392 products

Graham and Brown FAQ

Graham and Brown is known for their exclusive Resistance Durable Matt Emulsion, a specially formulated premium paint with ultimate durability. The paint is scrub-resistant, wipeable and moisture repellent making it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and other high traffic areas.

The Matt Emulsion offers clients a low-solvent and low-odour, breathable, soft matt finish ideal for lower-traffic areas such as ceilings, dining rooms and bedrooms.

The Eggshell finish is a beautiful mid-sheen finish, making it perfect for interior wood and metals. This is an acrylic paint that is low in solvents, odourless and is formulated with quick-drying properties.

The Exterior Eggshell finish has the same luxurious mid-sheen finish, but with quick-drying, flexible, and durable qualities making this paint perfect for outdoor projects. This paint is water-based and odourless while still providing excellent colour retention.

The Gloss finish is an acrylic based paint offering clients a shiny finish with a scratch resistant and highly durable formulation, making this paint ideal for interior wood and metals.

Resistance Durable Matt Emulsion is best for: interior walls, upcycling.
(Interior walls, Cement, Plaster, Concrete, Brick, Plaster board, Wood**, PVC*, and Metal*)

Matt Emulsion is best for (High traffic areas): interior walls, upcycling. (Interior walls, Ceilings, Plaster, Concrete, Brick, Plaster board, Wood**, PVC*, and Metal*).

Eggshell is best for: upcycling.
(Wood furniture**, Metal**, Wood substrate**, Plastic substrate**, Metal substrate**)

Exterior Eggshell is best for: upcycling.
(Exterior Wood**, Plastic**, Metal**)

Gloss is best for: upcycling.
(Wood, Board, Metal**, Plastics, Plasterwork)
*Suitable after using a first layer of an adhesive primer
**Suitable for pre-treated surfaces

Graham and Brown paints are eco-friendly, solvent free and low-odour making them ultra-low in VOCs. Additionally, the packaging is 100% recycled, reducing the company’s contribution to environmental pollution.