Eleven New Colours Farrow & Ball Paints

Farrow & Ball proudly introduces the Eleven New Colours collection, an exquisite palette born from the quintessential spirit of innovation and design excellence. This collection encapsulates the essence of contemporary living, offering a fresh perspective on colour that resonates with the rich history and evolving cultural landscape. Imbued with timeless charm, the hues in this collection draw inspiration from the countryside, urban sophistication, and the ever-changing seasons.

Reflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality, each colour within the Eleven New Colours collection is a testament to Farrow & Ball's meticulous approach to paint formulation. The palette includes refined neutrals, bold statement shades, and nuanced tones, providing a versatile range for every interior design vision. Whether evoking the rugged beauty of coastal cliffs, the lush tranquillity of rural landscapes, or the cosmopolitan vibrancy of cities, these colours resonate with the dynamic character of contemporary life.

Rooted in tradition yet embracing modernity, Farrow & Ball's Eleven New Colours collection invites homeowners, designers, and decorators to embark on a chromatic journey that celebrates the enduring allure of design and the artistry of fine paint craftsmanship.

Farrow and Ball's Eleven New Colours Collection introduces a captivating array of hues that infuse spaces with freshness and sophistication. Among the standout shades in this collection are Jitney, Treron, and Sap Green. These hues range from soft, muted tones to vibrant, nature-inspired colours, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The allure of these new colours lies in their versatility and ability to add depth and character to any home. Jitney's gentle tone adds subtlety, while Treron and Sap Green offer versatility and depth, making them ideal for creating a tranquil yet vibrant ambiance in living areas or bedrooms.

These hues are favored for their ability to blend seamlessly with various design elements. Jitney's soft shade works well with both modern and traditional styles. Treron and Sap Green add a touch of natural elegance, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Farrow and Ball's Eleven New Colours Collection serves as captivating base colours or as refreshing accents, effortlessly adding depth and character to a room's aesthetic. Their popularity stems from their ability to evoke a sense of freshness and sophistication, enhancing the visual appeal of any home with their calming and vibrant tones.

These new hues continue to be among the best-selling lines for their capacity to infuse spaces with a refreshing ambiance and a sense of understated elegance. With their versatile range and captivating allure, these paints bring a sense of rejuvenation and sophistication to interior spaces.

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11 products

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Eleven New Colours Farrow & Ball FAQ

1. What were the primary inspirations behind Farrow and Ball's creation of the Eleven New Colours collection, and how do these colours differ from their existing palette in terms of undertones and application?

Farrow and Ball's Eleven New Colours collection was born from a blend of nature, architecture, and contemporary design trends, aiming to refresh their palette while maintaining their heritage of craftsmanship. These hues offer a diverse array of undertones, from warm to cool to neutral, ensuring suitability for various spaces and design preferences. Unlike their existing palette, these colours bring a modern twist while staying true to Farrow and Ball's aesthetic. With versatility in application, whether as bold statement hues on walls or subtle accents on trim or furniture, the Eleven New Colours collection provides endless opportunities for creating inviting and unique interior spaces that reflect evolving tastes and design sensibilities.

2. Are there any design or interior decor trends that align particularly well with the Eleven New Colours collection, and what are the recommendations for incorporating these shades into different spaces or design schemes?

Yes, the Eleven New Colours collection from Farrow and Ball aligns well with several contemporary design and interior decor trends. These hues complement popular design movements such as biophilic design, which emphasizes connecting interior spaces with nature, and the resurgence of earthy and organic elements in decor. Additionally, the collection resonates with the ongoing trend of creating calming and nurturing environments within the home, reflecting a desire for comfort and tranquility. Recommendations for incorporating these shades into different spaces or design schemes include using the muted greens like "Treron" or "Emerald Green" in spaces seeking a connection to nature, while the warm pinks such as "Sulking Room Pink" can add a soft, inviting touch to bedrooms or living areas. For those aiming for a sophisticated and timeless look, the rich blues like "Stiffkey Blue" or "Oval Room Blue" can create a sense of depth and drama, particularly in spaces like dining rooms or studies. Neutral tones like "Jitney" or "School House White" are versatile options suitable for any room, providing a subtle backdrop that allows other design elements to shine. Ultimately, incorporating these shades involves considering the desired atmosphere and aesthetic of the space, whether aiming for coziness, elegance, or a connection to nature, and selecting hues accordingly to enhance the overall design scheme.

3. Can you describe the specific finishes available within the Eleven New Colours collection and how these finishes contribute to the overall aesthetic or versatility of the paints?

Certainly, the Eleven New Colours collection from Farrow and Ball offers a range of finishes designed to enhance the aesthetic and versatility of the paints. These finishes typically include options such as Estate Emulsion, Modern Emulsion, Estate Eggshell, and Full Gloss. Estate Emulsion is a chalky, matte finish ideal for interior walls, offering a soft and velvety appearance that adds depth to the colours while providing a subtle, understated elegance. Modern Emulsion provides a slightly more durable and washable finish compared to Estate Emulsion, making it suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Estate Eggshell offers a low sheen finish with excellent durability, perfect for interior woodwork and metalwork, providing a smooth and elegant look. Lastly, Full Gloss provides a high-shine finish that adds a luxurious touch to trim, furniture, and accents, creating a bold and sophisticated statement. These various finishes contribute to the overall aesthetic and versatility of the paints by allowing for different effects and applications, ensuring that each colour in the Eleven New Colours collection can be tailored to suit a wide range of design preferences and spaces.