Purple Farrow and Ball Paints

Purple paint is a versatile colour that can be used to create a variety of moods in a space. From understated almost-greys to deep plums and indigos, Farrow & Ball's purple palette offers a huge array of styles and moods.

Dark purple shades, whose royal connections date back to antiquity, still have a tangible luxurious feel that suits guest rooms and entertaining spaces downstairs. Lighter shades of purple are soothing and subtly playful, making them perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Whether you want to create a sense of calm and serenity or a burst of energy, there is a purple paint colour that can help you achieve your desired effect.

Farrow and Ball's purple paints are favored by homeowners for their rich and sophisticated presence in interior design. The allure of purple hues lies in their ability to evoke feelings of luxury, creativity, and depth, making them a popular choice for adding a touch of opulence to living spaces.

Purple paints from Farrow and Ball add a sense of drama and richness to rooms, creating focal points or imbuing spaces with a regal ambiance. Whether used in small doses for accents or as statement walls, purple tones infuse spaces with a sense of creativity and sophistication.

The versatility of Farrow and Ball's purple shades allows them to adapt to various design styles and room settings. Lighter purples like 'Brassica' and 'Calluna' bring a soft and calming vibe, while deeper tones such as 'Paean Black' or 'Pelt' add depth and intensity, making them suitable for feature walls or creating luxurious settings.

Among the most popular and best-selling lines, shades like 'Brassica,' 'Pelt,' and 'Calluna' stand out for their richness and ability to create a luxurious ambiance. These purples have captivated homeowners and designers alike for their capacity to bring depth and elegance to interior spaces.

In summary, Farrow and Ball's purple paint collection offers a range of hues that bring sophistication and luxury to homes. With their ability to create a rich atmosphere and adapt to various design styles, these purples remain a popular choice for those seeking a touch of opulence and creativity in their living spaces.

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6 products

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Purple Farrow & Ball Paint FAQ

1. What is the most popular purple Farrow and Ball paint?

Farrow & Ball offers a few purple shades. "Brassica" is often considered a popular choice. It is a rich and sophisticated purple with a warm undertone, reminiscent of the color of deep purple cabbage. Its popularity lies in its ability to create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere, making a statement without overwhelming a space.

2. What does purple Farrow and Ball paint do to a room?

Purple is often associated with luxury and royalty. Deep purple hues can add a sense of richness and sophistication to a space, creating an elegant and regal atmosphere. Lighter or softer purples can evoke a sense of creativity and imagination, making them suitable for creative spaces like studios or offices.

3. I want to use a purple paint in my bathroom. What is the best Farrow and Ball Finish?

For using a purple paint in your bathroom with Farrow and Ball, the recommended finish is the Modern Eggshell.