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Mylands, established in 1884, is London’s oldest family-run luxury paint manufacturer. The company’s values place heavy emphasis on how expertise and passion can produce outstanding products.

Mylands produces water-based, durable premium paints formulated with natural high-quality ingredients like rare earth pigments and resins. Mylands paints are formulated with a higher solids to liquids ration, making the paints highly pigmented. Some emulsions like the Masonry Paint finish include extra additives for weatherproofing and mildew resistant qualities.

Their emulsions and finishes are so refined that in 1985, Mylands was awarded the ultimate seal of approval - the coveted Royal Warrant.

Mylands’ usage of high-quality ingredients, brilliant colour-payoff, and gorgeous finishes are what set them apart and make them a desirable paint manufacturer for Luxury Paints to team up with.

Top Sellers

Top selling Mylands products for Luxury Paints include: ThreadNeedle No.262, Bond Street No. 219, Pure White No. 1, and Market Green No. 38.


Mylands has 4 paint collections in total.

  1. The Archive collection
  2. The Colours of London collection
  3. The Greys & Neutrals collection
  4. The Film Television and Theatre collection


    Their renowned Marble Matt Emulsion, made using crushed Carrara marble, provides consumers with outstanding durability and amazing colour pay-off, making them ideal for interior walls, ceilings, and bathrooms.

    Marble Matt Emulsion is best for: interiors walls.
    (Interior walls, Ceilings)


    The Plant-Based Multi-Surface Matt, Eggshell and Gloss finishes are suitable for both interior and exterior uses on metal and wood substrates and interior walls. This paint provides customers with durable, long-lasting results, perfect for high-traffic rooms and exterior projects. The Wood and Metal Matt paints dry to a luxurious flat finish. The Eggshell paints dry to a contemporary slight sheen finish. The Gloss paints dry to a beautiful high-sheen finish.

    Plant-Based Multi-Surface Matt/ Eggshell and Gloss is best for: interior, exteriors, and upcycling
    (Interior walls, Wood** and Metal*)


    Mylands Floor Paint is an exceptionally durable mid-sheen paint with a satin-sheen finish created for indoor wood flooring.

    Floor Paint is best for: interior.
    (Interior Wooden floors)

    Masonry Paints are exclusively for exteriors and provide a beautiful flat finish, while being extremely durable and long-lasting. Additionally, this finish is weatherproof and mildew resistant.

    Masonry Paint is best for: exterior.
    (Exteriors walls, Brickwork and Render)


    *Must be primed with Mylands Metal Primer and Undercoat

    **Must be primed with Mylands Wood Primer and Undercoat


    Luxury Paints Delivery

    Mylands paint sample paint shipping costs £3.50 with an estimated delivery time of 2-4 business days.

    Mylands Standard Delivery* - 1-3 Working Days
    (GB Mainland Only / Orders under £90 / Cut off 12pm Mon - Fri / NI & Remote 5-7)

    Mylands FREE NEXT DAY* - 1 Working Day
    (GB Mainland Only / Orders over £90 / Cut off 12pm Mon - Fri / NI & Remote 5-7)

    For more info please read our shipping and return policy.


    Environmental Impact

    Mylands paints are water-based, almost odourless and vertically solvent free. They are also low VOCs certified, making them safer for use and more environmentally friendly.


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