Fenwick and Tilbrook Explainer

For more than 40 years Fenwick and Tilbrook have been providing clients with excellent quality premium paints in an array of nature-inspired hues. These premium paints specialise in pigment-rich paints that provide durable, long-lasting coverage in an array of finishes.

Due to the paint’s premium quality pigments and solid contents, Fenwick & Tilbrook paints are exceptionally pigmented and covers very well. Additives ensure ultimate protection and washable qualities, even for their best know ultra-matt finish. The quick drying properties allows clients to finish projects in no time and start enjoying their spaces soon.

With ever tin being made to order and hand checked for quality, Luxury Paints is a proud supplier of this brilliant product.



Top Sellers

Top selling Fenwick and Tilbrook products for Luxury Paints include: Chanterelle, Drunken Sailor, and Degrees North.



The Pure Matt water-based paints are formulated to be durable and washable with a damp cloth. This quick-drying paint dries down to an exceptional chalky, flat finish, making it ideal for walls in low traffic such a bedrooms, living rooms and ceilings.

Pure Matt is best for: low-traffic interiors walls.
(Interior walls, Ceilings)


The Pure Matt Plus paint offers consumers a tough and fully washable water-based paint in a flat matt finish. This paint has received a Class 1 wet scrub resistance rating and is perfect for high-traffic rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s rooms.

Pure Matt Plus is best for: high-traffic interiors walls.
(Interior walls)


The Interior Eggshell finish is a water-based paint that dries to a soft-sheen. Water-resistant and tough, this paint is ideal for woodwork and interior walls, as well as furniture.

Interior Eggshell is best for: interior walls, wood, furniture, upcycling.
(Interior Walls, Interior Woodwork, Wood Furniture, and Wood Cabinets)


The Exterior Eggshell paint is the ultimate combination of durability and intensity. This water-based eggshell with a satin sheen finish is weather-resistant, making it ideal for protecting exterior wood structures.

Exterior Eggshell is best for: upcycling, exteriors.
(Exterior Wood, Plaster, Masonry and Metal)


The Claypaint finish is a water-based, breathable, ultra matt finish designed for lime plaster.

Claypaint is best for: interiors walls.
(Interior lime plaster)


The Ultimate Masonry paint is a water-based, weatherproof paint created to protect exterior surfaces. This paint dries to a beautiful soft-sheen finish, while being outstandingly durable and fade resistant.

Ultimate Masonry is best for: exterior.
(Exteriors walls, Brickwork and Render)



Luxury Paints Delivery

Fenwick and Tilbrook sample paint shipping costs £3.50 with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 business days.

FREE NEXT DAY* - 1 Working Day
(GB Mainland Only / Orders over £90 / Cut off 12pm Mon - Fri / NI & Remote 5-7)
* Please note - if samples or other brands are included on your order the shipping will default to a split shipment, your paint pot will still come next working day but other parts of the order may differ.

For more information please read our shipping and return policy.


Environmental Impact

All Fenwick and Tilbrook paints are water-based, odourless and very low in VOCs, making them eco-friendly and safer to use in home projects than typical paints. The water-based composition also makes clean-up easier than oil-based paint!



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