California Collection Farrow & Ball Paints

Farrow & Ball's California Collection unveils a vibrant and sun-soaked palette inspired by the Golden State's diverse landscapes and cultural influences. This curated selection of hues captures the essence of California's unique charm, from the sandy beaches along the Pacific Coast to the majestic redwood forests and the urban energy of iconic cities. Each colour in this collection is a nod to the region's architectural diversity, reflecting the warm tones of Spanish colonial missions, the laid-back coastal vibes, and the modern aesthetics of metropolitan living.

With a careful balance of earthy neutrals, sunlit pastels, and bold statement shades, the California Collection brings the spirit of the West Coast into interior spaces. Farrow & Ball's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and environmentally conscious formulations further enhances the allure of this collection, creating a fusion of style and sustainability. Whether transforming a beachside retreat, an urban loft, or a suburban sanctuary, the California Collection invites homeowners and designers alike to infuse the warmth and brightness of California's sunshine into their living spaces, creating a harmonious blend of nature-inspired hues and contemporary design.

8 products

8 products

Farrow & Ball paints have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality, unique color palette, and exquisite finishes. Renowned for their rich pigments and eco-friendly formulations, Farrow & Ball appeals to discerning customers seeking premium paint options.

Known for a spectrum of hues that transcend the ordinary, Farrow & Ball's popularity stems from its ability to offer distinctive shades that evoke elegance and sophistication. Among their most sought-after colors are "Railings," a deep black exuding timeless charm, "Elephant's Breath," a warm and versatile grey, and "All White," a classic neutral providing a clean, crisp canvas for various design schemes.

The brand's diverse line includes finishes catering to different surfaces and needs, ranging from matte to gloss, ensuring versatility in application. Customers are drawn to their unique paint collections like "Modern Emulsion" or "Estate Eggshell," tailored for specific purposes and surfaces.

Farrow & Ball's popularity is further elevated by its commitment to environmentally conscious practices, employing water-based, low-VOC formulations that prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality. This dedication to eco-friendly production aligns with the preferences of many environmentally conscious consumers.

Their best-selling lines often include an array of neutrals such as "Skimming Stone," "Pointing," and "Wimborne White," alongside bolder choices like "Charlotte's Locks," an eye-catching orange, or "Hague Blue," a deep, dramatic blue that captivates.

By offering an exquisite color palette, unparalleled quality, and eco-friendly options, Farrow & Ball continues to captivate consumers seeking to infuse their spaces with sophistication and individuality. The brand's enduring popularity rests on its ability to provide paint that transcends trends, offering timeless elegance for discerning homeowners and designers alike.

Need help picking a Farrow & Ball colour? You can order a free paint chart to help you make the right choice.

Farrow & Ball FAQ

1. How much does Farrow and Ball paint cost?

The cost of Farrow & Ball paint can vary based on several factors such as the type of paint and the finish. Generally, Farrow & Ball paints are considered premium and tend to be more expensive compared to standard paints due to their quality, pigments, and unique finishes

2. Why should I choose Farrow and Ball Paint?

Farrow & Ball paint is known for several key qualities that often attract customers:

  • Quality and Pigments
  • Unique Colour Palette
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Versatile Finishes
  • Attention to Detail
  • Longevity and Durability
3. Does Farrow and Ball Paint go off?

When stored correctly and unopened, paint typically has a long shelf life. However, it's essential to note that paint can deteriorate over time, even when properly stored.

Factors such as extreme temperatures, exposure to direct sunlight, or improper storage can affect the quality of the paint and shorten its lifespan.

Once opened, the shelf life of Farrow and Ball paint can be shorter. Properly sealing the paint can help extend its usability, but it's recommended to use opened paint within a reasonable timeframe to ensure the best results.

4. What makes the Farrow and Ball paint quality unique?

Farrow and ball offer a rich range of pigments and titanium dioxide. This allows their paint to produce a high amount of light-reflection, so throughout the day as the level of the sun varies, so do the paints undertones. This gives their paints a much higher appeal than paints from the lower end of the market.

5. Which Farrow and Ball paint has the right finish for my paint job?

Modern Emulsion is best for high traffic areas such as hallways and childrens bedrooms etc. 7% Sheen

Estate Emulsion: Best for low traffic interiors.

Estate Eggshell is best for wood and metal. So kitchen cupboards, radiators, doors and banisters etc. 20% Sheen

Modern Eggshell: Best for skirting boards, picture rails, dado rails, doors, door frames and architraves, interior wooden windowsills, wooden window frames and even including including interior floors.

Full Gloss is perfect for areas where you want to make an impact, can be used on surfaces throughout a home or commercial building. It's reflective with a very high sheen.

Exterior Eggshell: Durable, breathable low sheen finish for exterior wood and metal. Lasts up to 6 years. 20% sheen.

Exterior walls

Exterior Massonary: Durable, breathable, water-resistant super matt finish for exterior brick, render and concrete. Lasts up to 15 years. 2% sheen.

Specialist decoration of an old property

Casein Distemper: Specialist breathable very flat matt finish for low-traffic interior lime plaster walls and ceilings. 2% sheen.

Soft Distemper: Specialist finish for decorative interior ceilings and detailed plasterwork. 2% sheen.

Limewash: Traditional, highly breathable specialist finish for lime rendered exterior walls and interior lime plaster walls and ceilings. Professional application recommended. 2% sheen.

6. Are Farrow and Ball paints safe?

Farrow and ball paints are classed as Minimal or Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). This makes them greener and safer to use than most lower end paints, and as a result produces better air quality in the property where they are used.