Is Luxury Paint Worth it?

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Are luxury paints worth it? When it comes to painting your home, this is a question that many homeowners ask themselves. Luxury paints are formulated using premium ingredients and offer a range of benefits that make them shine in comparison to typical paint pots.



The quality of luxury paints is the biggest factor that sets them apart from a typical pot of paint. Paint is composed of four main components: pigment, binders, liquids, and additives.

Pigment: Luxury paints have a far higher ratio of “prime” pigments which provide colour and hue, as opposed to the low-cost “extender” pigments that offer nothing in terms of colour payoff. Lower-end paints tend to have a higher amount of “extender” pigments to increase the volume of the product. This compromises the colour value and quality of the paint.

Binder: High-quality binders are used for luxury paints to bond onto walls and perform better. The higher the quality of binders, the less likely the paint will peel, blister or crack.

Liquids: High-quality liquids are important to carry the paint from the pot to the wall. Luxury paints have a higher ratio of solids to liquids, as liquids do not provide any benefits to colour. With a formula including fewer liquids, the pigment is not as affected, and the paint maintains its vibrancy and hue richness.

Additives: Moreover, many high-end paint companies also opt to include certain agents for mildew and mould prevention, ensuring that a fresh coat of paint can stand the test of time under any circumstances. Additives are also included to help achieve the desired finish of the paint.



With the perfect composition of ideal ingredients, luxury paints’ performance is clearly superior to lower-cost paint. Luxury paints go on far smoother and take longer to dry, eliminating any traces of brush strokes. Additionally, high-end paints are long-lasting and durable, especially in high-traffic zones in homes such as hallways, stairways, and kitchens due to the quality and additional agents included. It is important to note that luxury paints require fewer coats than average paints as they are far more pigmented and have better colour retention, therefore saving you time and labour cost.


Environmental impact

Many luxury paint companies have chosen to consciously be more environmentally friendly and have altered their paint to use a water-based formula. This does not impact the colour payoff, finish or quality of the paint, but does reduce the industry’s environmental pollution. The water-based formulas are also cleaner and safer to use in homes with children and pets, as they tend to smell less severely while applying. Additionally, to further push sustainability high-end paint brands have committed to using packaging and shipping methods that are far more greener and sustainable. In most cases, pots can be recycled or reused by the company to reduce waste in landfills.



In addition to the expert research and technology used to create luxury paints an added benefit of purchasing from a high-end paint retailer is the valuable help from the brand specialists. They offer knowledge and experience when providing information regarding colours, finishes, and interiors, helping customers find the perfect paint to complete the vision.


So, is it worth it? There are many benefits to luxury paints, and it truly is worth splurging on what goes on your walls for your next project. Only with luxury paints will you get that beautiful depth of colour, the peace of mind that your paint job will continue to look fabulous for years and the satisfaction of knowing experts helped you find the absolute perfect shade and finish for your new and improved space. We believe that these small details are what continue to make luxury paints an important investment into a home that is built to withstand life to its fullest.

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