Sanderson Paints

Sanderson Paints are favored for their exceptional quality, offering durable and long-lasting finishes that maintain their integrity over time. This commitment to quality makes Sanderson a preferred choice among discerning customers and professional decorators seeking reliability in paint products.

Among the most popular colours in the Sanderson palette are shades like 'Chelsea Green,' 'Pebble Grey,' and 'Duck Egg.' These colours exhibit versatility and timeless appeal, suitable for various design aesthetics.

Overall, people choose Sanderson Paints for their superior quality, a wide range of versatile colours, and the timeless appeal of their best-selling lines, making them a go-to choice for both residential and commercial painting needs.

Sanderson paints collection range has 154 timeless, sophisticated, and gorgeous colours to satisfy every taste. They come in two finishes, active emulsion and acrylic eggshell, both of which are water-based, and better for the environment. This adaptable colour scheme is meant to work with a variety of home design styles, both modern and classic. If you would like help picking the right finish, take a look at our Sanderson Explainer page. Also, the Sanderson paint collection was created to match the wide variety of wallpapers that you can find in our Distinctive Rickmansworth showroom.

154 products

154 products

Need help picking a Sanderson colour? You can order a free paint chart to help you make the right choice.

Sanderson Paint FAQ

1. What makes Sanderson paint special?

The Active Emulsion finish is designed for clients in need of durable, premium paint, making it Sanderson’s most versatile and popular finish. This water-based paint is tougher than ordinary paints, easier to clean and ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchen, hallways, and children’s rooms. The formular is also fast-drying, low-odour and dries to a luxurious low sheen finish.

The Water Based Eggshell finish is a premium paint in a low-sheen finish. The paint offers clients a low-odour, quick-drying paint solution that is condensation and yellowing resistant, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and conservatories.

2. What is the perfect Sanderson finish?

Active Emulsion is best for: interiors walls, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Ceilings, Woodwork*, Radiators*, and Metal*)

Water-based Eggshell is best for: interiors walls, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Wood, Metal, Plaster, Wallboards, Concrete, Cement rendering, brickwork, and Blockwork in internal situations)
*Suitable for primed surfaces

3. Are Sanderson paints safe to use?

Sanderson paints are water-based and low in VOCs, making them safer to use in clients’ homes and better for the environment. Additionally, the water-based formula makes clean-up easier and faster.

4. What is Sanderson paint quality like?

Sanderson paint is known for its high-quality formulations and pigments, offering a durable and long-lasting finish. The brand emphasizes quality in its paint, ensuring excellent coverage, depth of colour, and a smooth application.

Many users appreciate Sanderson paint for its consistent quality across various finishes and colour ranges. Its reputation for quality makes it a popular choice among homeowners and professional decorators seeking reliable and superior paint options.

5. What are the benefits of Sanderson Paint?

Sanderson paint offers superior durability, ensuring long-lasting finishes that maintain their quality over time.

With a wide range of colours and finishes, Sanderson provides options suitable for diverse design preferences and surfaces.

Its excellent coverage and smooth application make it a favorite among users, whether for DIY projects or professional applications.

6. How do I work out how much Sanderson Paint I need?

To calculate the amount of Sanderson paint needed, multiply the total area to be painted (in square meters) by the coverage provided per liter by the paint. Divide the result by the coverage rate to determine the required quantity of paint.