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First founded in 1860, Sanderson has been a key player in the world of interior design and is a world-renowned brand for their luxurious bold shades of premium paint.

Bringing gorgeous and robust shades to life, while specialising in durability and excellent quality paint, Sanderson is a company that has withstood the test of time and has been recognized by the Royal Family, having received a Royal Warrant in 1924.

Sanderson paints are blended with a higher ratio of solid pigments than liquids and additives, resulting in an incredibly deep and vivid colour payoff. Due to the richness of the paints, fewer coats are needed for full coverage compared to other paint brands. With a gorgeous smooth and quick drying formula, Sanderson paint application is easy and efficient.

Specific finishes like the Water Based Eggshell finish include additives in the blend for condensation and yellowing resistance, making them specialised paints for rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Luxury Paints is dedicated to bringing only the very best luxury paint manufacturers onboard, and we believe Sanderson is ideal for any project.




Top sellers

Luxury Paints carries over 150 Sanderson paints shades in different finishes, the most popular shades being: Birch White Lt. 37, Indigo Blue 120, Snowy Owl, Night Fishing and, Crystal Grey 26.



The Active Emulsion finish is designed for clients in need of durable, premium paint, making it Sanderson’s most versatile and popular finish. This water-based paint is tougher than ordinary paints, easier to clean and ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchen, hallways, and children’s rooms. The formular is also fast-drying, low-odour and dries to a luxurious low sheen finish.

Active Emulsion is best for: interiors walls, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Ceilings, Woodwork*, Radiators*, and Metal*)


The Water Based Eggshell finish is a premium paint in a low-sheen finish. The paint offers clients a low-odour, quick-drying paint solution that is condensation and yellowing resistant, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and conservatories.

Water-based Eggshell is best for: interiors walls, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Wood, Metal, Plaster, Wallboards, Concrete, Cement rendering, brickwork, and Blockwork in internal situations)


*Suitable for primed surfaces


Luxury Paints Delivery

Sanderson paint sample paint shipping costs £3.50 with an estimated delivery time of 2-4 business days.

Sanderson standard shipping FREE with an estimated delivery time of 2-4 days.

Sanderson Next Day shipping (cut off time – 12pm Mon-Fri / GB Mainland Only) is priced at £10.20 with an estimated next working day delivery time.

For more information please read our shipping and return policy.


Environmental Impact

Sanderson paints are water-based and low in VOCs, making them safer to use in clients’ homes and better for the environment. Additionally, the water-based formula makes clean-up easier and faster.


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