Craig & Rose

Craig and Rose paints collection contain wonderful shades in a wide range of finishes including their chalky matt emulsion, a classic Eggshell and hardwearing Gloss. Among its range, they developed a unique Artisan brush effect and spray paints all of them feature at Luxury Paints.

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Craig and Rose Finishes

As a result of having an extensive variety of finishes, Craig and Rose paints will be ideal to complete any project. From walls to furniture this brand has the right finish for you and your home. However, deciding which type of paint to use to make a project is an important decision, as finishes can have countless qualities. See below for every Craig and Rose paint finish.

Matt emulsion

This finish is an ideal paint for interior walls, ceilings and upcycling projects. The matt emulsion can help you hiding imperfections with its velvety texture and exceptional colour intensity.


Gloss is the ideal finish for interior and exterior doors, windows and furniture. It gives a hard-wearing in surfaces and adding long-lasting gloss on items.


One of the most popular finishes for being the ideal choice to use in interior walls, wood or furniture. The Craig and Rose Eggshell has a soft satin–sheen finish for a heritage look.


Craig and rose undercoat can be used for all purpose interior and exterior surfaces. It helps even out surfaces and covers underlying colours for a smoother finish.


This finish is ideal if you are looking for protecting bare or painted wood or perhaps enhancing effects such as rust and concrete. The Craig and rose wax is easy to apply and provide a matt finish.


This paint finish creates a distinctive metallic effect in interior surfaces such as walls, doors, trim areas and furniture.

Glitter glaze

The glitter glaze finish is perfect to add a glittery shimmer. Use it as a topcoat over chalky emulsion.

Stone and concrete effect

This is an amazing finish that can help you to create a natural look and texture of stone or concrete. Ideal to use on interior or feature walls.

Spray Paint

Spray paints are an easy way to complete upcycling projects. They are ideal From magnetic chalkboard to high-performance enamel.

Chalk wax

Use this paint as a topcoat over chalky emulsion. In this way, you create the look of delicate broken colour with a subtle marble-like effect.

If you need advice on your paint choice. do not hesitate to contact us!