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Craig & Rose, established in 1829, has always been known for their exceptional quality luxury paints. The brand has always had a strong emphasis on quality, rich pigments, and innovative finishes.

Craig & Rose has a unique high-quality water-based formulation which includes an acrylic and titanium dioxide emulsion.

The paints are fast-drying and only need 2 coats for full coverage, due to the high concentration of pigment. The paint includes additional extenders to ensure the paint is long-lasting, durable, and wipeable, making these paints perfect for high-traffic areas.

Moreover, the purpose of the additives is to achieve the paint’s desired luxury finish whether that be, low-sheen, high-gloss, matt or glossy.

With a rich history and a unique emulsion, their much celebrated Chalk Matt Emulsion has become their biggest product and a staple in premium paints. Combining their expertise and new formulations, Craig & Rose has created a variety of contemporary and classic shades ideal for any project.

Luxury Paints is proud to carry the best luxury paint manufacturers for our clients, and Craig & Rose certainly is a standout company amongst the rest.

Top Sellers
Luxury Paints distribute Craig & Rose in 165 shades with the best sellers being: Pullman Green, Saxe Blue, Ottilie and Tapestry Green.

Craig & Rose has three paint collections in total.
1.    The 1829 Vintage collection
2.    The Artisan collection
3.    The Abigail Ahern collection

Craig & Rose offer customers the exclusive Chalky Emulsion paint, a renowned formula with beautiful colour pay off and a soft lux chalky finish. The Chalky Emulsion finish is wipeable, making it durable and long lasting.

Matt Emulsion is best for: interiors walls, and upcycling.
(Interior walls, Wood Furniture, Ceilings)

The Eggshell finish has a contemporary low sheen and is easy to wash and wipe, while withstanding areas of a home with high traffic such as hallways and children’s rooms.

Eggshell is best for: interior walls, wood and furniture, and kitchen or bathroom.
(Interior Walls, Interior Woodwork, Wood Furniture, Wood Cabinets, Ceilings, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Exterior Woodwork, Radiators*, Metal**)

The Gloss finish is a high sheen, long lasting and durable finish, ideal for interior woods, furniture, and metal.

Gloss is best for: interior and exterior doors, windows and furniture, wooden surfaces, and most metals*.
(Interior Woodwork, Wood Furniture, Wood Cabinetry, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Exterior Woodwork, Radiators*, Metal**)

*If radiators become extremely hot, Craig & Rose recommend using a specialist paint.
** All metals must be primed with an appropriate metal primer before use of Craig & Rose paint.

Luxury Paints Delivery
Craig & Rose paint sample paint shipping costs £3.50 with an estimated delivery time of 2-4 business days.

Craig & Rose standard shipping is priced at £7.20 with an estimated delivery time of 2-4 days.

For more info please read. our shipping and return policy

Environmental Impact
Craig & Rose paints are water-based and classed as low VOC and breathable making them greener and safer to use. Due to the composition of the paints, the clean-up will be easier too!

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