Fenwick & Tilbrook

Fenwick and Tilbrook Paints are a sumptuous collection of colours inspired by nature. They are a family run business which offer high-quality products with a wide range of long-lasting finishes. Also, their exquisite collection is water-based, low VOC and odour.

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What Fenwick and Tilbrook paints should I use?

When you are buying paint, think about the convenience, coverage, cost-effectiveness and colour. Luxury paints brands like Fenwick and Tilbrook are made with high-quality ingredients. Thus you will need fewer coats to paint a surface. Moreover, Its palette offers deep pigments and superb coverage giving high-end results. In addition, no matter what surfaces you are painting  Fenwick and Tilbrook has an emulsion for every paint job.

The pure Matt Finish

The Pure Matt finish has exceptional pigment strength and ultra-matt. It radiates colours and tones, whatever the lighting conditions. It is also durable and wipeable, an ideal finish for use in low traffic areas and ceilings.

The Pure Matt Plus

Fenwick & Tilbrook Pure Matt Plus finish has a highly durable pure matt which makes it ideally suited to busy households, particularly high traffic areas. It retains the beauty of a flat matt, but with the added benefits of a washable finish.

The Interior Eggshell

The Interior Eggshell finish is a tough paint for woodwork and walls, also very effective on furniture. It has a deep pigment, which, combined with its soft (10%) sheen, gives it the appearance of a matt lacquered finish.

The Exterior Eggshell

The Exterior Eggshell finish was created to protect exterior timber structures for as long as was possible. This highly durable paint finish withstanding even in extreme weather conditions. Ideal for exterior joinery with a 22% of sheen that reflects light and help to cover imperfections.

The Claypaint

Fenwick & Tilbrook ultra-matt 2% sheen Claypaint is a highly breathable paint, specifically designed to be applied to lime plastered.

The Ultimate Masonry

The Ultimate Masonry finish is outstandingly durable and acrylic smooth. It has a superior quality for use in exterior masonry.

Before starting a new project, it is a good practice to order a sample pot first. This allows you to try your chosen paint and see how it looks into your room over different light times. All Fenwick & Tilbrook sample pots come in pure matt plus finish. You can also order a colour card to see the full Fenwick and Tilbrook colour range.

Whether it is incorporating it into a brand new scheme or working with your existing colours. Do not hesitate to contact Us for advice.