Mylands paints colour palette is composed of over a hundred exquisite shades. They are available in 4 finishes, such as Marble Matt Emulsion, wood and metal paint, floor paint and masonry paint. At Luxury Paints we offer different Mylands primers and undercoats to accompany each paint finish.

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How to choose the right Mylands Paints finish?

Mylands paints colours are expertly blended using only premium quality ingredients and natural earth pigments. This converts them into an eco-friendly option and their catalogue is London made and inspired. Each shade is available in a range of interior and exterior paint finishes and equally suited to both classic and contemporary interiors. All Mylands colours of London collection which contains 120 shades are mixed in house. So, you always have the colour of your preference available.

Mylands Marble Matt emulsion.

Marble matt emulsion contains ground marble powder delivering an amazing and depth colour. Use this finish in the hallway, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of high traffic. Ideal if you are looking for beautiful but resistant paint.  It can be wiped and washed with no effect in colour or sheen.

Mylands Wood and Metal Paint.

Ideal for your wood and metal works protecting fixtures. In a choice of Eggshell, Gloss or Matt with guaranteed results. The wood and metal eggshell finish is water-based and hi-sheen gloss.  On the other hand, The wood and metal gloss provides a traditional high-sheen paint finish. Finally Suitable for interior and exterior woodwork and metalwork, Wood and metal matt offers you a flawless matt finish.

Floor Paint

The durable, mid-sheen paint with a classic satin sheen finish, suitable for use indoor on old, tired or bare wooden floors.

Masonry Paint

A hardwearing, weatherproof and mildew resistant paint. Suitable for outdoor walls, brickwork and render, producing a classic matt finish.

If you wonder where to buy Mylands paints in the United Kingdom, our shop offers next free working day delivery on all mylands paints orders. That means you can order now and get it tomorrow (Orders placed by 2pm mon-fri will be dispatched the same day). Also,  you can collect your product at our head office in Watford if it is more convenient.
In terms of how much paint do you need will depend on the space, you need to cover. Visit this guide to find out more

Mylands Paints come in different sizes from 1 to 5 litre. Also, the cost varies according to the finish you choose from. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options adaptable to any budget.

Ensure you choose the right shade it can completely make a space or room. Order now Mylands paint card to explore their collection Colours of London.