Zoffany paints have an extensive catalogue with more than 150 gorgeous shades. Offering three different finishes, among them acrylic eggshell, elite emulsion, and true matt emulsion widely used on a variety of surfaces. The range of zoffany paints is composed of attractive and beautiful colours. As a result, a varied palette of both muted and rich shades to choose from, ensuring always find what are you looking for.

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As told above, Zoffany paints are something more than sophisticated paint colours. In terms of finishes, the “true matt” is a zoffany paint emulsion that combines intense colour and durability look with fast drying. It is a perfect choice for both commercial and domestic use. The “acrylic eggshell” gives a mid-sheen finish reflecting some lights and hiding imperfections. It is easy to clean, giving a long-lasting appearance. Moreover, this converts it into the perfect paint finish for bathrooms and kitchens. Finally, the elite emulsion is a washable and resistant paint for modern living, this finish is ideal for kitchens, children’s rooms, and high traffic areas.

Whether you are looking to start a big project or renovate a room. Zoffany paints mean flexibility about colours and finishes ideal for any paint project, creating decorative schemes across entire spaces. Nonetheless, Designer paints like Zoffany are made with the best ingredients guaranteeing exceptional coverage meanwhile are gentle with the environment. In addition, all of them are water-based made, releasing a much fewer number of VOCs into the air and not toxic.

Take a journey throughout the alchemy of colour, its paints collection which launches depth, and vibrant shades. “Perfect white” is one of the most popular shades inside the zoffany paints catalogue, using it you can make spaces bigger. On other hand “Half harbour Grey” gives a very sophisticated looking room. If you wonder what else you can find in this collection, order here the zoffany paint chart in whenever part of the United Kingdom you are based.