Earthy Designers Guild Paint

Earthy Designer Guild Paint presents a palette of colours inspired by the natural world, making it a popular choice for those who seek a connection to the earth's beauty within their living spaces. Renowned for their warm and grounding tones, Earthy Designer Guild Paints bring a sense of calm and balance to interiors, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

People are drawn to these paints for their ability to seamlessly blend with various design styles, from rustic to modern. The Earthy Designer Guild Paint collection features captivating hues such as "Terracotta Sunset," evoking the warmth of a setting sun, and "Mossy Green," reminiscent of lush forest foliage. These specific colours are favorites among customers seeking to bring the outdoors in, fostering a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.

The popularity of Earthy Designer Guild Paints also lies in their versatility, as they serve as a perfect backdrop for both bold and neutral accents. The enduring appeal of best-selling colours like "Earthen Brown" and "Sage Whisper" is a testament to the brand's commitment to providing timeless options that withstand changing trends while creating inviting and comfortable living spaces.

11 products

11 products

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Earthy Designers Guild Paint FAQ

1. Are Designers Guild paints washable?

Formulated for longevity, Designers Guild paints, including the chalky matt emulsion, are washable and highly durable. With outstanding coverage, adhesion, and flow, they require fewer coats than other premium paints. Additionally, their quick-drying feature allows decorators to complete the job more efficiently.

2. What surface is Perfect Eggshell suitable for?

Perfect Eggshell suits woodwork, offering durability and a subtle sheen.

3. Can you suggest complementary colour palettes that enhance the earthy tones of paint in various design schemes?

Earthy tones of paint can be complemented with greens, browns, or warm neutrals for a cohesive and balanced design.