Green Morris & Co Paints

Morris & Co's green paint collection is a diverse palette inspired by the beauty of nature. These lush and refreshing green hues have become popular choices for individuals seeking to bring the outdoors inside, creating spaces that exude a sense of tranquility, vitality, and a connection to natural landscapes.

One remarkable colour in the green palette is "Double Boughs," a vibrant and invigorating shade that captures the essence of flourishing foliage. This colour is often chosen to infuse spaces with a touch of natural energy, creating an environment that feels alive and revitalizing.

"Herball" is another sought-after option, offering a soft and herbal green that reflects the calming and therapeutic qualities of nature. This versatile colour is often selected for creating serene and peaceful environments, making it a favorite for bedrooms and spa-like spaces.

"Leafy Arbour" is a popular choice, providing a mid-tone green that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to interiors. This colour is often used to create a timeless and harmonious backdrop in various living spaces, contributing to a balanced and visually pleasing environment.

"Tump" is a deep and luxurious green that radiates warmth and depth. This versatile colour is often selected for creating a cozy ambiance in living rooms or studies, bringing the beauty of nature into more intimate spaces.

People choose Morris & Co's green paints for their ability to create refreshing and harmonious environments. The best-selling colors, including Double Boughs, Herball, Leafy Arbour, and Tump, showcase the enduring popularity of Morris & Co's dedication to crafting paints that balance nature-inspired richness with timeless elegance, contributing to interiors that are both invigorating and serene.

9 products

9 products

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Green Morris & Co Paint FAQ

1. Can you elaborate on the artistic influence behind the dark and rich Morris & Co paint called Wardle Wine?

The artistic influence behind Morris & Co's dark and rich paint, Wardle Wine, draws inspiration from the opulence and depth of aged wine, creating a colour that exudes sophistication and warmth. This deep and luxurious hue is carefully crafted to bring a sense of timeless elegance to interiors, reflecting the influence of rich, indulgent tones found in the world of fine wines.

2. What design elements are complemented by Morris & Co's green paint, Double Boughs?

Morris & Co's green paint, Double Boughs, complements design elements by infusing interiors with the refreshing and natural hues reminiscent of flourishing foliage. Its vibrant tones seamlessly integrate with botanical motifs and nature-inspired decor, making it an ideal choice for spaces seeking to evoke a sense of vitality and connection to the outdoors.

3. In Morris & Co's green paint range, what makes Kelmscott Water a standout choice?

Kelmscott Water stands out in Morris & Co's green paint range as a standout choice due to its refreshing and calming tones, reminiscent of tranquil waters. The color's serene palette adds a touch of tranquility to interiors, making it an ideal option for spaces seeking a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere inspired by nature.